At Zarebis, we specialise in identifying and recruiting senior C-Suite Executives and Mid-Management professionals for our clients. Additionally, we offer the ability to outsource your HR function and Learning and Development needs.
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Talent Acquisition

We specialise in identifying and recruiting the top leaders who have the capability to drive positive change within your business. These executives possess the skills to develop your corporate vision, and design and implement suitable business strategies that naturally create positive and dynamic corporate cultures for everyone. This in turn has a significant impact on you, your staff and your customers. By hiring leaders who possess empathy, this aids your organisation to achieve sustainable growth, high performance, staff retention and increased productivity long-term.

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HR Outsourcing

Zarebis offers outsourcing services for all your Human Resource needs by managing your employees and acting as an extension to your business. We specialise in creating HR processes that foster a positive and nurturing culture. We conduct yearly performance appraisals, identify employee training needs, and create effective policies and procedures that comply with your legal obligations relating to Employment Legislation. Additionally, we implement strategies and initiatives that allow you to focus on running your business so that it has a sustainable future.

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Learning & Development

Learning and development is an essential aspect of most organisations, as it helps to improve the skills and knowledge of employees and keep them up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in their field. Investing in employees training capabilities not only improves the skills and knowledge of your workforce, but also leads to increased staff retention, the development of strong leaders, and the creation of a positive and supportive organisational culture. Valuing your people creates higher levels of employee loyalty and longevity for your business.

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With over 35 years of experience in national and international recruitment and human resources, Zarebis are experts in talent acquisition and operational and strategic human resource capabilities. We work closely with business owners, management teams, and HR professionals to identify, recruit, and retain top talent for your organisation.

Our innovative and authentic approach puts your organisational needs first, with a focus on creating effective organisation structures and identifying internal talent for promotions. We don’t shy away from challenging the status quo to ensure that the right individual is placed in the right position.

Our team specialises in employee assessment and capability development, creating customised Employee Performance Plans that include identifying the most appropriate training, qualifications, certifications and enhanced knowledge that each employee requires to prepare them for their next internal promotion.  This approach not only saves time and money hiring unnecessarily outside of your organisation, it ensures that internal vacancies are filled by loyal employees ready and equipped to excel in their new position. 

With a diverse range of industry experience, and a track record in spear-heading HR departments across multiple industry sectors, Zarebis is a trusted partner for all your Talent Management, HR and Training & Development needs.

Together, we can achieve a positive outcome for your employees and your organisation.

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At Zarebis, we specialise in recruiting exceptional leaders who drive a shared vision, beliefs, and behaviours across an organisation.

Our goal is to deliver strong employee retention, engagement, customer-centric achievements, positive cultures, and increased profits and growth for our clients business.

Our approach is grounded in a strong partnership model and a steadfast commitment to trust, integrity, authenticity, and transparency in all of our interactions with our team of experts, our amazing clients and their employees, along with the exceptional candidates we attract and choose to work with.

We strive to create successful outcomes for both our clients and candidates, and promote a psychologically safe environment that embodies trust, empathy, honesty, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in everything we do. 

Why Choose Us?

We attract leaders who create transparent, resilient and more adaptive organisations.

Our Leaders are capable of creating learning ecosystems that are aligned to organisational needs and customer wants.

We attract authentic leaders who deliver exceptional end-to-end customer and employee experiences.

Leaders capable of adapting in agile, complex and rapidly changing worlds due to remote working.

Our competitive rates allow you to significantly save on recruitment overheads to attract and retain the best talent in the market.

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